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Vanessa Reimer
Another option….

After many reviews I opted to get this rather than wingspan. I haven’t played the other but am satisfied with this purchase. Have the expansion so can now play solo but haven’t gotten it to the table yet.

Sarah Nichols
Farming fun!

This review is actually for the solo experience, which you need the Grand Fair expansion for (see my review there), but you’ll need the base game first! For me, it’s a keeper.

Mat Bedor
A fun euro-style tableau builder

I’ve grew up on farms, so let’s just say I wasn’t necessarily stoked about trying this game, I assumed it’d be at least wrong and most likely wrong and stupid....

And it turns out I was wrong (as per usual)

It’s a lot of fun, from buying buildings and expanding your fields, to trying to position your water towers just perfectly for maximum coverage. When you buy a building or crop or field it pretty much always feeling thematically correct, for me, lots of games of this ilk tend to just be “oh look at this card with points on it, and oh! I want points! look at me go!” then someone asks, but what did you buy/collect? and I say “who cares, it’s points!” and this game doesn’t generally suffer from that.

The end game scoring can be a little more “euro” but not in anyway that really detracts from the rest of the experience.

I recommend it for sure, and one additional thing, at first I thought the card size was a little awkward, but after playing you quickly realize that this thing takes up a lot of space for just a game of cards, so it was a good call with the card size.

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