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$35.95 CAD

Klaus Teuber
Players 3-6
Playtime 30-40 mins
Suggested Age 10 and up

Knätsel?!, a reworking of the 1988 Spiel des Jahres-winning Barbarossa, challenges players to create and decipher "knätsels", i.e., kneading puzzles. (In the U.S., this game bears the title Dohdles!, a portmanteau of "dough puzzles".)

In the game players use clay to create objects — a mountain, an animal, a famous ruin — then they take turns asking one another questions about these objects or asking for a letter in the name of this object. Everyone hears these requests, though, so your efforts might lead opponents to the correct answer, too, and since anyone can throw their solution stones into the answer funnel at any time, you'll need to think fast.

If you give the correct answer for a puzzle, both the creator and guesser score points — but if everyone guesses the answer, or conversely no one does, then the creator scores nothing. Who will find the ideal mix?

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