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Disney Apples to Apples

$24.95 CAD

$24.95 CAD

Designer Matthew Kirby
Publisher Mattel
Players 4-8
Playtime 15 mins
Suggested Age 7 and up

Featuring Disney images on every Red Apple card!

Take a trip through the Wonderful World of Disney with Disney Apples to Apples! Players both young and old will delight in the hillarious comparisons that result as they relive their favorite Disney moments...and kids will have fun expanding their vocabulary and thinking skills at the same time.

It's as easy as comparing "apples to apples." Just select the card from you hand that you think is most like the card played by the judge. If the judge picks your card, you win that round. And everyone gets a chance to be the judge!

Each round is filled with surprising comparisons from a wide range of people, places, things and events. Fast moving and refreshing. Disney Apples to Apples is easy to learn and fun to play - the perfect game for the whole family!

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