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Digraphs is a beautifully innovative accessory for the classic word game that introduces eight new tiles, each with two letters instead of one.

Digraphs comes in a beautiful tin with eight natural wood tiles designed to rotate seamlessly whether they’re played vertically or horizontally on the board.

This clever add-on requires you to think a bit differently as you play while providing the chance for higher scoring as more points are up for grabs. It’s a fun twist that can be added to Scrabble whenever you like

With three ways to play, Digraphs adds a fresh twist to a game you already know and love.

There are 3 ways a Digraphs tile can be used – simply rotate the tile for your choice. We’ll use the ‘GR’ tile as an example:

  1. Play the ‘G’ and receive its regular 2 points.
  2. Play the ‘R’ and receive its regular 1 point.
  3. Play the ‘GR’ and receive its 13 Digraphs points

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