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Der verdrehte Sprach-Zoo

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Klaus Kreowski
Ravensburger Spieleverlag GmbH
Players 2-4
Playtime 30 mins
Suggested Age 4 and up
2015 Kinderspiel des Jahren Recommended

The monkey is loose at the zoo! When the zoo closes in the evening, the cheeky monkey jumps down from his tree and steals the zookeeper's key. In no time, he has freed all the animals from their cages, and together, they experience the craziest adventures. What could have happened? No doubt, you can think of many funny stories. Remember them well, because only then you can help the monkey to end the chaos!

Der verdrehte Sprach-Zoo (The Twisted Language Zoo) is played in two phases. During the game, players take turns drawing two tokens: one animal, and one object. The player has to come up with a story of what has happened with that animal and that object. For example, when a player draws "snake" and "balloon", he can say "the snake has found a balloon in a tree, and uses it to fly away".

When there is a story about each animal, the second phase of the game starts. Now, the players take turns remembering the stories. On his turn, a player draws an animal card. He has to remember what object was connected to that animal. The other players may give hints. If the player gives the right answer, he may move the monkey one space on the score track.

The players win together if the monkey reaches the last space of the score track (the tree). If they run out of cards before the monkey reaches that last space, they lose together.

The game comes with a mechanized gameboard for hiding and revealing the answers, and several rules variants.

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