Deep Sea Adventure

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Marc B.
Fun Filler!

Fun , quick, easy to teach and learn. I should have bought this game long ago!

Sean Crawford

Deep Sea Adventure

Dustin Yarema
Top tier time filler!

Played this to kill a few minutes with some friends: it's got it all! Easy! Fast! Luck! Tension!

For the price and size, you can't beat the pure simplicity and joy that is derived from this game. I recommend this game for anyone that sometimes just wants to spend a few minutes with friends, yelling at each other about using up all the air in the submarine!

A. McLean
Deep Sea Adventure

Rolling and pushing your luck to obtain treasure from the sea. Lots of fun and laughter in a small box.
My daughter has enjoyed this so much that she has given 2 copies to friends as birthday presents.
Lower vs higher player counts change the strategy/feel of the game, even though the rules remain the same. Probably best at 3 or 4… but nice it can play up to 6 players.

Steve Gibbs
Fun push your luck

Good game that can be quite swingy. Had a blast with some groups and it fell flat with others. Can't take the game too seriously. Portable and easy to teach so great for travel.

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