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DC Dice Masters: World's Finest - Collectors Box

$22.95 CAD

$22.95 CAD

The DC Dice Masters: World’s Finest - Collector's Box is a great space to store your Dice Masters collection! It has a limited edition Full Art promo card and everything one player needs to get started! Improve and complete your team to crush the competition by collecting more cards and dice in foil packs and other sets!


20 Custom Dice

- 8 Sidekick Dice

- 12 Basic Action Dice

15 Cards

- 1 Full Art Promo Card

- 10 Basic Action Cards

- 4 Reminder Cards

1 Felt Dice Bag

2 Dice Storage Trays (Holds Over 300 Dice!)

4 Foil Expansion Packs

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