DC Comics Deck-Building Game: Crisis Expansion Pack 1

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Keith Callbeck
Turn DC Deck Building into a co-op game!

Instead of the competitive mode focused on victory points, the Crisis expansions create a specific goal system for the players to work on together based on the DC events of the past. Everything from Death in Family to Flashpoint is fair game.
The players have to work together to defeat a series of Crisis cards (which has it's own on-going effects until it's defeated) and a pile of Super Villains. The timer on the game is the main deck. If it runs out before all of the Crisises and Super Villains are beat, the players all lose.
Overall I liked Crisis even more than the competitive. It feels more like a comic world to have both challenges and villains to work against. And it was just more fun to play against the deck instead of each other.

The various Crisis expansions are tailored to the base sets.
Crisis 1&2 = Original set or Heroes United
Crisis 3 = Forever Evil
Crisis 4 = Titans

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