Cthulhu: Death May Die

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Travis Banman
Amazing boss battling experience

If you like a straightforward co-op boss battling experience with dice rolling, this is the game for you. 6 different scenarios in the box, and more available from expansions, plus 2 main bosses and more available, you can mix and match tons of different experiences, and usually plays under 90 minutes including setup and tear down. You really can't go wrong

Bernard Tso
Great Game!

Finally restocked and didn’t disappoint. Easy rule set and setup made for a fun cooperative game. Ohhh the madness 😵‍💫

Daniel Drickman
Fantastic Game

A great game for those interested in a non campaign dungeon crawl with Lovecraft theme. Highly recommend base game and expansions.

Sara Brideau
What a great first game

Got this as a Christmas present, and played my first game today, if you a fan of eldritch horror and mansion of madness I feel that you would love this game, because I do and already can’t wait for the next game

Kyle Bird
BUY THIS NOW! and punch Cthulhu in the face!

If you love the Others, Bloodrage, Lovecraft and coop games! this is the game for you! Eric Lang and Rob Daviau hit all the right notes in this Cthulhu mythos game! I'm going to say this now, it is a Mansions of Madness, Arkham Horror and Eldridge Horror killer! The Minis, the art, the mechanisms, the joy in this game is top notch! its a must have to lovers of Pandemic, Arkham Horror and dice chucking!

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