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Games by Bicycle  |  SKU: JKR130012191


$23.95 CAD
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Designer Frederica Scott Vollrath
Publisher Games by Bicycle
Players 2-4
Playing Time 15-30 mins
Suggested Age 8 and up

Experience the eye-bending effect of Crystallized! In Crystallized, players will match up colors on the hexagonal cards in their hand with those already played in the play area. Once the color or colors have been matched up, the player will deposit the appropriate number of crystals to the facet board. If a player makes a match with a card that scores more than enough to fill the facet board with that color, they may take the leftover crystals, and dump them on an opponent – as long as that player has at least one of that color in their collection. They are stuck with those unwanted crystals for the rest of the game. Don’t forget that cards can also be built on top of other cards within the play area, making the game even more complex and challenging. The game is made up of high-quality components that feature a satisfying tactile experience. The beautiful, jewel-colored crystals along with the beautifully designed hexagonal cards make up a gorgeous, abstract play area that’s different each time. Crystallized is easy to learn and play, but can be as challenging as each player’s mind desires.
  • THE GOAL IS SIMPLE: Deposit as many crystals as you can to the communal facet board by matching up colors on the hexagonal cards in your hand.
  • HOW TO PLAY: Deposit crystals to the facet board by matching colors on a card in your hand with a card already played on the play area. The more colors you match, the more crystals you can add.
  • STICK YOUR OPPONENTS: When you fill a facet board, you have the opportunity to stick other players with unwanted crystals.
  • END GAME: The game ends when the facet board is full of crystals.
  • WIN by having the fewest crystals in your collection at the end of the game.
  • EASY TO LEARN, DIFFICULT TO MASTER: Crystallized is easy to learn to play, but can be as challenging as each player would like it to be.
  • HIGH QUALITY COMPONENTS: Players will enjoy this beautifully crafted game with highly satisfying tactile elements.
  • FUN FOR EVERYONE: Families or Friends: 2-4 players, ages 8-99. Plays in 20 minutes. You will want to play again and again.

—description from the publisher

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Ryan Tang
Great game, but colours need work

The premise of the game is great and it's a lot of fun to play, but the colours on the tiles could use a lot of improvement. The blue and green are too similar, and the purple is quite hard to see against the black background. For us, this often mean double-checking with the other players which would tip them off to our hand/plans.

The game is really simple to learn, but has a fair bit of complexity. Would have given the game a full 5/5 otherwise.


Fun and relatively simple little game that doesn’t take too long.

B Amanda Dickie
Simple brain melting spatia awareness puzzle

Another Gem ;). It takes about 3 seconds to teach and has almost everyone sweating on their turn trying to figure out how to match these 2d/3d cubes on the play area.
It's simple, take you asymmetrical cubes with coloured gems to match to any visible gem on the board. You can play next to or ontop of existing cubes, but all touching gems must align colour to colour or any colour to black.

In order to play a card, players must have enough physical gems in the matching colour. Make a match, you get to discard your gems to the score board. The goal, to eliminate all your gems.
If you would ever score more gems then can be place on the gem board, you can 'gift' the overflow to another player adding additional negatives to their score.

It's pretty, light, fun and fast to teach/set up with enough puzzle to bit into.