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Container - 15 Extra containers!

$20.00 CAD

$20.00 CAD

NOTE: Do not order this product unless you have also pre-ordered Container from BoardGameBliss.  Any orders of this container 15-pack which do not have a corresponding preorder will be cancelled.   Also, PLEASE ensure that you use the same account and payment details that you used for your preorder.  That will help ensure that your order is not accidentally cancelled.

If you've already paid for shipping in the orignal order, please add this product to the shopping cart during checkout as well.

This product is a 15-pack of extra containers for our reprint of Container.  Each pack has 3 of each of the 5 game colors.  This pack is not mandatory to play and enjoy Container - we offer it here by popular demand for those customers who wish to play an extended game of Container by increasing their container count to 100.

You should be aware that this extra pack is not officially supported by the game rules, though we believe it will function just fine.  There could be weird strategies or an extended endgame that some may find undesirable, but otherwise they should function well, even with the new add-on content.  You should also be aware that future expansions will also not officially support the extra containers, nor will they appear in retail stores.

Shipping is included in the price because this pack will ship together with your preorder.

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