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Coco Schnipp (German Import)

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$39.95 CAD

This game is part of our the Import Game Collection

Designer Manfred Ludwig
Wolfgang Ludwig
Publisher AMIGO Spiel + Freizeit GmbH
Players 2-4
20 mins
Suggested Age 5 and up

Note: This game is in German.

It's well known that monkeys and crocodiles are mortal ene1mies, each contesting the territory of the other and engaging in a battle of wills to see who will claim a larger swath of jungle.

Manfred and Wolfgang Ludwig's Coco Schnipp trades on this antipathy, pitting the player monkeys against a nasty crocodile while also racing against one another. Each player places his monkey on the starting line of the game board and takes possession of three colored coconuts: red, blue and yellow. On a turn, a player spins the wheel:

• If a monkey head appears, that player tries to shoot one of his coconuts into the water hole in the center of the game board. If he succeeds, he moves the monkey ahead 2-4 spaces depending on the color of the coconut used.

• If a color appears, each player races to shoot the appropriately colored coconut into the water hole. Whoever does so, or comes closest to the hole, moves his monkey 2-4 spaces.

Whenever a player moves his monkey, he may move the crocodile to any free space on the game board. Land on a crocodile and you're scared back five spaces on the race track. The first player to reach the end of the line wins.

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