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Coco Capitano

$11.95 CAD

$11.95 CAD

Designer Wolfgang Dirscherl
Publisher FoxMind
Players 2-4
Playtime 10 mins
Suggested Age 5 and up


Coco Capitano isn't the most respectful name for a ship captain, but when he'll go on dangerous journey after dangerous journey in search of treasure, the name's fitting.

To set up, place the seven island tiles on the table, and the Coco Capitano, Pirate Joe, and monkey figures on separate islands. Shuffle the treasure tiles, then place them in a face-up stack on the table.

To start a turn, the player rolls both dice, then moves either Pirate Joe or the monkey one or two spaces clockwise (to a new island) depending on whether the pirate die shows 1-2 sabres or 1-2 bananas. She then moves Coco Capitano a number of spaces equal to the number of pips. If the captain shares a space with one of the other figures, she ends her turn empty-handed; if the captain is alone, she collects the top treasure from the stack and places it in front of her.

She then has the option of stopping and keeping the treasure, or of rolling the dice again. If the captain lands on an occupied space, she loses all the treasure gained this turn, placing it on the bottom of the treasure stack. She keeps taking turns until she stops or runs out of luck.

Once all the treasure tiles have been claimed, the game ends and players tally their scores, earning 1 point for a treasure chest, 2 for barrels, and 3 for bags. The player with the most points wins!

Variants: For younger players, ignore the points and instead see who collected the most tokens. For older players, use only six islands instead of seven.

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