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Designer Shi Chen
Publisher Play With Us Design (玩聚設計)
Players 3-6
15-25 mins
Suggested Age 6 and up

CHEERS is a light board game featuring teamwork, logical thinking, and scheming.
During the game, everyone plays as a mixologist, cooperates with their teammates to gather the secret formula before other teams to claim victory. However, some liquors might “CHEERS” when they are played. It is a test to players’ wisdom of how to CHEERS the liqours to victory or to hamper the opponents.
Moreover, the game can be played in 3 different modes, redering various CHEERS experiences for players to explore!

《乾杯 CHEERS》是一個合作、默契、推理以及心機攻防的桌上小品遊戲。
此外,《乾杯 CHEERS》有三種不同的遊戲模式,每種模式都有不同的樂趣供玩家體驗!

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