Castles of Mad King Ludwig (First Edition)

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Vanessa Reimer
Solid city builder

This was my choice as a city builder game. I prefer the artwork to others. Like that it has a solo mode option too! Great game.

David Supina
Very solid tile-laying game that has become my Carcassonne replacement

Lots of ways to get points, must most of them are contextual; you will get more for doing certain things in certain games. Building a weirdly constructed castle is just fun in a fundamental way. The bidding mechanism where one player sets the price and the others pay him for tiles, is clever and rewarding.

Alex McGarvey
Deceptively fun

This game is almost like everyone doing their own thing in one game together but it is super satisfying when you create a nice castle!

Graham Gray
5 Stars

One of the few bidding games where the auctioneer gets the money. And you build a castle.

Lily Kusuma
Great game

One of my favorites, Tile laying, castle building, if you are a master builder, you have to set the price for each tile in the market. It's nice to look at your castle when you are done building it, especially if you have visited the real Mad King Ludwig's Castle in Germany.

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