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$31.95 CAD

$31.95 CAD

Designer Andreas Pelikan
Publisher Queen Games
Players 3-5
Playtime 30 mins
Suggested Age 8 and up
Honors 2007 Fairplay À la carte Winner

It is early morning at the fish market and it is already alive with fish-mongers pushing their fishy products. The fish-mongers loudly praise their fresh fish as they try to attract as many of the numerous customers as possible.

"This is your lucky day! It is good that you have come by, for I can offer you 2 flounder and 1 shark for just € 10!" But only the fastest players will get the best deals, but move too fast and you may pay too much.

Actually, the players are both the sellers and the buyers. As you might expect, looking as sellers to get the highest prices and as buyers the lowest.

The player who earns the most money wins the game.

The original title of this game is Fangfrisch (e.g. a fresh catch), but the English language name for it is Cash-a-Catch.

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