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Captain Kidd

In Stock

$18.95 CAD

Designer Angelika Lange
Jürgen Lange
Publisher Beleduc
Players 2-6
Playtime 10 mins
Suggested Age 3 and up

The game consists of 30 treasure chest tiles which also show a jewel in one of six colors, and six large wooden pirate meeples. 

The tiles are laid out in a 6 x 5 grid and a pirate is placed on a tile of each color, covering the jewel so it can no longer be seen. The active player now rolls a color die and has to find the jewel in the right color (by picking up the pirate). If correct, the player gets the tile and places the pirate on another tile in that color. If wrong, the pirate is put back onto the tile. The game ends when only three colors are left; the player with most tiles is the winner.

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