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C3i Magazine Issue #26

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C3i Magazine is a support magazine for GMT Games and includes new scenarios, variants, strategy and tactical tips, designers & developers notes, game inserts to expand their boxed games like new counters, maps, cards, player aids, and more.

It is a magazine published by Rodger B. MacGowan (RBM Studio) – also Editor in Chief, Art Director, and Layout Designer.

C3i Magazine (RBM Studio) support website includes free PDF downloads of most out-of-print C3i Magazine articles, news & info, BLOG forum and more: C3i ops center.

Contact the publisher Rodger B. MacGowan at (email)
Rodger B. MacGowan is also the Vice President and Art Director of GMT Games LLC.
He founded, is original Editor and Art Director of Fire & Movement Magazine first published in 1976 (Hall of Fame inductee).

C3i Magazine is a Charles S. Roberts Award winning magazine.


Table of Contents – C3i Magazine, Nr26

Behind the Scenes Report on the Game Design Process
Designers & Developers – Relationships in Motion
by Patrick Ruestchmann

Twilight Struggle – Designers Notes – 2012
All Time Best Seller
by Ananda Gupta and Jason Matthews

1914 TitE – Tannenberg Campaign – C3i Variant
by Michael Resch

C3i Magazine Nr26 – Countersheet Index
by Mark Simonitch

1914 – A Post-war Solution for Austria-Hungary’s Mobilization
by Michael Resch

1914 TitE – Dragoni’s Plan for Austria-Hungary – C3i Variant
by Michael Resch

Labyrinth – The Game in Action
by Joel Toppen

Clio’s Corner, Nr3
Who’s On First? Initiative in Game Design
by Mark Herman

Space Empires – Optional Rules
by Peter Lazzaro

Interview – John H. Butterfield – CSR Hall of Fame Award
by Sam Sheikh

Commands & Colors Ancients – The Battle of Argentoratum, 357 AD –
New Scenario
by Kevin Duke

For the People – Defending the Union
by Mark Herman and Herr Dr.

For the People – Designer’s Perspective on Raids
by Mark Herman

For the People – My Union Strategy Tips
by James Pei

1805: Sea of Glory – A Change of Plans – Scenario & Variant Rules
by Alan E. Richbourg

The Great Battles of Magna Graecia Module – Three New SPQR Scenarios
by Daniel A. Fournie

Red Winter – More Optional Rules
by Mark Mokszycki

C3i Player – Gamer Profile of Mark Barker
by Sam Sheikh
COINing a Game Series:
An Introduction to Andean Abyss
by Steve Carey

The COIN Series – Looking Ahead
by Volko Ruhnke

Andean Abyss
Quick-Play Scenario
by Volko Ruhnke

Andean Abyss
Non-Player Rally Variant
by Volko Ruhnke

Andean Abyss
Solitaire Variants
by Joel Toppen

C3i Player – Gamer Profile of Leland Myrick
by Sam Sheikh

C3i Player Postscript – From Writer to Playtester
by Jeremy Antley

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