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Booh Booh Castle

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$24.95 CAD

This game is part of our the Import Game Collection

Designer Michael Schacht
Publisher White Goblin Games
Players 2-5
Playtime 10 mins
Suggested Age 4 and up

Little ghosts like to play in Castle "Booh Booh Castle”. One of the ghosts will masquerades as a creepy monster and tries to scare the other ghosts with a terrifying cry: "Wuuuuaaaahh". The ghosts floating through the castle and hide in one of the rooms. Hopefully it is not the room where the creepy monster is lurking ....


  • 1 game board 
  • 5 small ghosts 
  • 6 room cards 
  • 15 creepy tokens


One player is the creepy monster and selects the room of the castle where the creepy monster will try to scare the other little ghosts. After that, each little ghost may move to an other room (which is adjacent) or stay in his current room. Then the creepy monsters reveals himself and all little monsters who are in the same room as the creepy monster lose 1 token. Then the next player in clockwise order will be the creepy monster. Gameplay continues until at least 1 player has lost all his tokens. The player(s) with the most tokens left win(s).

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