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Carlo Emanuele Lanzavecchia
Publisher HUCH! & friends
Players 3-6
Playtime 15 mins
Suggested Age 10 and up
2015 Spiel der Spiele Hit mit Freunden Recommended

Off into the deep! From wrecks to riches, when you hunt for treasures in the dark deep in Bermuda, you need to take a long breath. But beware because Neptune's ex-mermaid also lies in wait for a good catch — and it seems many a diver has disappeared from the seabed. Ahoy there!

Bermuda is a cooperative game in which all players dive together. You play against time. And if you are wondering why there is no hourglass in the game - it's because you yourself are the timer! This is how it works:
Once you have taken your unsorted Diving cards in your hands, one of you gives the signal for diving. On "3", all takes a deep breath and simultaneously start to lay out cards. You may keep doing this as long as you - all of you, together - hold your breath. As soon as one of you takes a breath, he falls into the siren's clutches. The round ends immediately.

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