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Battleground Fantasy Warfare: Monsters & Mercenaries (Starter Deck)

$16.95 CAD

$16.95 CAD

Monsters and Mercenaries is unique in Battleground.  It's a standalone army but it's also designed for players who want to supplement their other factions with new units. Swell your ranks with Ogres, mages, Giants and Dragons.

Yes, Dragons.  Monsters and Mercenaries introduces Battleground's first flying units and why fly if you can't also breathe fiery death upon your helpless enemies?  Whether you choose the Red Dragon or the colossal Ancient Red, be sure to tell your friend that that scorched area on the ground is where his army used to be.

Starter Deck

Basic Rulebook
Command Cards (30)
Reference Cards (2)

Half-Orc Sword (3)
Half-Orc Spear (2)
Wildmen Archers (2)
Wildmen Sword (3)
Wild Horse Archers (2)
Ogres (2)
Healer Mages (1)
Elementalist (1)
Hill Giant (1)


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