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Battleground Fantasy Warfare: Elves of Ravenwood (Starter Deck)

$16.95 CAD

$16.95 CAD

Orcs are vicious and aggressive and everything about the Orc army reflects this, from your units to your command cards to your special ability.  As general of the Orc army you will keep your enemies constantly on the defensive and no faction is better at turning a break in the enemy line into victory.  Skillful (but often cowardly) goblins round out your basic forces and mighty regenerating trolls are an almost unstoppable force.

As the leader of the orcish horde you can Lash your troops.  For one command action, Lashing a unit increases its movement class by one and gives it an extra attack die for the turn.  When battle lines turn into rough melee, this ability will let you take quick advantage of broken formations or routing enemy units, sending your troops in quickly to flank or pinch the enemy.

Reinforcement Deck

Advanced Rulebook
Crazed Goblins (4)
Goblin Bowmen (5)
Goblin Raiders (2)
Goblin Spearmen (5)
Goblin Wolf Riders (3)
Orc Axemen (3)
Orc Marauders (3)
Orc Spearmen (4)
Orc Swordsmen (4)
Trolls (3)
Goblin Bomb Chucker (4)
Orc Crossbowmen (6)

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