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Mixlore  |  SKU: MIXBOC01EN

Bag of Chips

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Designers Mathieu Aubert
Théo Rivière
Publisher Mixlore
Players 2-5
Playing Time 15-20 mins
Suggested Age 8 and up

Bag of Chips is a party game in which you will face crucial choices to score as many points as possible at the end of each round. Be careful, though, because if you're too greedy, you will lose a lot!

At the start of a round, each player is dealt six objective cards and the 25 chips — in five colors, ranging from 7 yellow potato chips to 3 orange chicken chips — are placed in the bag. Someone draws five chips from the bag and places them on the table, then everyone discards two of their objective cards. The player draws four more chips, then everyone discards another objective card. The player draws three more chips, after which everyone places two of their cards on the positive scoring side of their playing area and the final card on the negative scoring side. The player then draws two more chips, one by one for increased drama.

If a played objective card has not been completed, discard it. Add the points from your completed positive objective cards (if any), then subtract points from your negative objective card (if any). The player with the highest score wins two reward tokens, and the player with the second highest score wins one reward tokens. Complete rounds until someone has four or more reward tokens and wins the game.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Benjamin Rodefer
Easy teach

Fun push your luck game with probability squeezing mechanic

Fine Very Light Filler but not enough excitement

It is fast with little downtime, perfect as a little filler. However, it had few decisions, was very luck-based (if you don't get any good cards, there is no mitigation and you can't win) and nobody found it exciting enough to want to come back too. This is because all the decision are private, you just can't get excited about other peoples' successes or failures.