Bad Company

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James Tompkins
Bad Company

Quite enjoyable. A little too fiddly at times. Solo mode needs fixing regarding end of game.

Shaun D’souza
Great family weight game

Not too light not too heavy it that right mix of strategy and simplicity we hear turns flow easily after the first round.
Great amount of depth and replay ability with the different gang members and heist cards (not a lot but it's somewhat there )
I wish there was more of a penalty when getting caught by the cops on the race track.
And it doesn't over stay it's welcome
Other than that it's a great game to pull out on family night
On the similar lines as king of Tokyo and karuba etc.

Louis Raymond

Bad Company

Bad Company

The current player (Boss) rolls 4 gold and 1 black die and then decide how to pair up the gold dice. The Boss gets to use both pairs and activates two gang members (getting whatever bonus is on the gang member) whilst all the other players only get to use one pair of dice.
Player use the resources they’ve collected to complete heists, use steering wheel icons to move the getaway car or spend money to upgrade their gang members.
Once everyone has finished the cop car is moved forward the same number that is on the black die and then all the dice are passed to the next player to become the Boss and roll for a new round.
The game continues like this with players completing heists, grabbing loot, recruiting gang members and keeping ahead of the cops until 1 player either completes 6 heists or drives into the getaway zone at the end of the road board.
The points are then tallied. The one with the highest points at the end wins.

This is a fun theme with not overly complex gameplay. The cartoony art works to keep the game light.
The down time in the game is low due to simultaneous gameplay.
Bad Company gives the player many things to consider (heist cards, loot cards, keeping in front of the cop car, grabbing the necklaces and recruiting new gang members).
The downside of the game is the cop car. Having your getaway vehicle behind the cop car is somewhat toothless. It prevents the player from collecting some loot cards and the player loses 3 points at the end of the game if the getaway vehicle is behind the cop car.

Still a very fun game and recommended for family weight games

Benjamin Spears
Bad Company is Good Company!

I couldn’t resist the title. This is a really fun one where you’re building a crew of thieves and completing heists, trying to stay ahead of the police. There’s something to do on every turn, so there’s no downtime at all and it plays in around 45 minutes. It reminds me of a lighter and quicker Space Base where the dice you roll activates a gang member that shares that number. This lets you earn money, drive ahead of the police, or place tokens on heist cards. You can upgrade your crew by recruiting new thieves (laying it on top of the existing thief) to add even more bonuses when their number is rolled.

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