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This game is part of our the Import Game Collection

Note: This game is in German.  English rules can be found here.

This game was self-produced by the designer Horst Rokitte.
The game is about rebuilding the city of Attendorn (first named Attandarra in 1072 AD). Every player has got a personal board where he builds some of the known buildings of Attendorn (like Hospital, Church, Castle, Abbey, Townhall,... 18 in total). On the central board you'll find a resource-market where the resources wood, clay, stone and glass can be bought (in order to build the 18 buildings) as well as a point-counter and a 'coordination-field'.
On this field citizen- and/or money-tokens can be bought in order to put them on buildings that were built on the personal board. A building with a token on it, gets more value at the end of the game.

Further details, pictures and the rules (in German) could be found on the publisher's homepage (now turned off).

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