Applejack (English Edition)

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Tomasz Gumienny
Underrated Gem

Not only is this game easy to teach, easy to play, and a delight to look at. It’s also comes packed with variants that mitigate luck and randomness giving the player back their chances to win due to their own strategies.

Some reviewers stated they didn’t prefer the final scoring however I am happy to say that the final scoring in the game is very fair as it does not let any one strategy trump the other. Doubling the points from your apple clusters is intentional as a catch up mechanic to those who haven’t collected all their Apple colors to score via the set collection scoring.

Lastly I recommend you remind players a couple times during play how the scoring works at the end of the game just to ensure everyone knows what tiles they should be reaching for at all times in the game (especially blossoms mid game) so that they get the best score possible at the end. Happy gaming folks!

Chad Wilburn
I Love Uwe games but...

I have almost all of Uwe games and love them in there each and own way. But this one...I don't's probably the first game of his that I'm thinking about selling. Just a slow boring crawl of matching apples and counting my honey

Sharon Lopaschuk
Applejack is more fun than I expected!

I really enjoy this game! A surprising favourite from our Christmas game haul!

Diane Levy

It is a Christmas gift ,The person asked for it so I am sure it will be enjoyed and the person will be happy that I bought it for them

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