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Android Netrunner: Feedback Filter Playmat

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$21.24 CAD

Crashing through the ice on corporate servers can take a heavy toll on your mind… and your cards. Now, however, you can set your mind at ease when you jack into the net with the Feedback Filter Playmat. Featuring the vibrant, futuristic art shared by the Android: Netrunner card of the same title, your Feedback Filter Playmat will help to protect your cards from cracks, splinters, and other imperfections in your table, even as your games lead you past traps, sentries, and hostile AI.

Like each Android Playmat, this stylish and thematic playmat is made from natural rubber, coated with a durable polyester fabric, and decorated with an eye-catching art piece that presents a perfect, complementary surface for your high-stakes cyberstruggles.

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