Our store is searching for Warehouse Workers to join our team at the brick and mortar location to get us through the season.

Due to the impact on the COVID situation, our store front is closed but we need additional to workers to work in the warehouse. So applicant can expect to face only a few individuals at the warehouse.

We need an individual who is ambitious and hardworking workers who can work independently and self-motivated. We prize speed, accuracy, and organization above all else, so we require Warehouse Workers who can pay careful attention to the job, follow instructions precisely and double-check his or her work before completing a task. We will provide in-house training for the right applicants.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Receive merchandise and verify its contents
  • Organize inventories
  • Picking and Packing: Reading carefully the printed request, locate the correct items, and package them in a way to minimize breakage during transit
  • Ensure Packing and Unpacking are done correctly and accurately
  • Expected to come to work on time
  • Maintaining general cleanliness in the warehouse.
  • Treat merchandise with care and concern at all times

Qualification and Skills

  • Able to read, pick, and pack orders precisely  
  • Able to verify shipments accurately
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills
  • Responsible
  • Always pay careful attention and avoid errors
  • Detail-oriented problem solvers who can think quantitatively and notice defects and errors quickly
  • On time
  • Ability to work without supervision and take initiatives
  • Great communication skills and is able to work as a team
  • Experience in warehouse or shipping environment is an asset

If you are interested please email boardgamebliss@gmail.com subject "Applying for Warehouse Staff" with your resume and cover letter, additional, please include the following 3 answers in the email.

  1. Describe in detail why you feel qualified for this job position
  2. Describe the best and the worst modern board games you’ve played
  3. Describe how to pack an order to make sure the items inside is correct and how you would pack so that the games are protected for transport without using lots of time.

Thank you