Yunnan (New Edition) (Import)

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Alec Lynch
A great surprise

So many elements and mechanics to the game I enjoy. My surprise of the year.

Ron B
Excellent Competitive Multiplayer

I own about 400 games. This just might be my favourite Euro game of the bunch.
Very nice presentation with amazing game play. It's expensive because it's an import from Germany (but oh so worth it!).
This is best with 5 players and even 4 players, but I don't think it's nearly as good at a lower player count.
Excellent auction mechanic phase followed by an excellent worker placement phase with a good bit of 'take that' but not enough to ruin other peoples game.

Lindsay Smith
Great Game - So much more than you think

This game is not just building little tea houses all over china, it is cut throat and awesome for two players or more. We’ve been addicted since getting it. So much fun to block each others actions and be sneaky!

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