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It's a great game

I've played this game with friends and family and it's always a lot of fun. It's simple enough to explain and play and the cooperative nature appeals to those who don't want a competitive experience. Just One, unlike "Things", "Apples to Apples" and others, doesn’t emphasize subjectivity in the gameplay, so it doesn't feel cheap or pointless to play.

I highly recommend Just One for anyone looking for a fun game for groups of all kinds.

Burton Lovell
A fun party game

Our gaming group has enjoyed the simplicity of this game over the holidays. Bought two copies to play up to 14.

Jaline Sritharan
One of the best party games

So much fun with the right people. Accessible, can play with larger groups, and easy to teach.


Super fun game for a variety of players.

Greg Sikma
Great Party Game!

An excellent light party game. Nice decision tension when selecting the clue word, while trying to not make it common enough that it will be eliminated.

We have played the game with both younger and older relatives and friends at family gatherings with great success.

The game even works well at larger player counts (10+p). We used borrowed boards and markers from So Clover to expand the player count.

We have also had success playing it at lower player counts (3-4p) using 2 stands/words per player.

A game anyone can play and have a fun cooperative experience with and lots of laughs along the way! Excellent!!

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