Gloomhaven: Buttons & Bugs (Retail Edition)

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Marc B.
If you like the original, try Buttons and Bugs!

Surprising how much of the original feeling they can pack into this small box. However the original Gloomhaven was only mediocre for me. I found it boring, repetitive and too fiddly for me. Unfortunately, after 5 scenarios of BnB, it’s more of the same in a smaller box. If you love the original Gloomhaven though, you’ll probably love this one too.

Lê Bảo

Gloomhaven: Buttons & Bugs (Retail Edition)

Jean Brodeur
Tiny, but mighty

All the pleasure of the big brother in a tiny box. The setup is quick, the characters double sided cards is clever. You can carry it anywhere. It’s Gloomhaven on the go.

Great little version of gloomhaven!

I love Gloomhaven, but can't get a group together and solo it's too fiddly to be worth getting out. This version is set up played 1 round and back in box in less than an hour. It scratches that itch just right too.

Richard C.
De la poudre au yeux

Je me suis fait avoir par le hype. Pas certain que c'est mon type de jeux.
Ce que je peu en dire pour l’instant repose plus sur les composantes que l mécanique.
Le point faible des composante sont les cartes. Je comprend que le jeux est pas couteux mais quand meme, les cartes aurai mérite un grade supérieur. Elle sont courber et les jetons sont telement leger que ca cause probleme.

Sinon pour ce qui est de boardgamebliss. A1 comme d’habitude

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