Aeon's End (Second Edition)

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I’ve played this solo 5 times in the past week. Absolutely hooked. Awesome game for solo play, looking forward to co-op.

Dana Olson
BEST Deck-Builder out there!

This is my favourite deck-builder. The setup and teardown times are a bit long for me, because I have two full games plus 4 small expansions ALL premium sleeved, and packed into one box (it's like a Tetris puzzle!). But the gameplay is just excellent. I play it solo, 2p with the wife, 3p and 4p and it's good at all counts, really. It evokes the feeling of a big boss battle in an old Super Nintendo RPG or something.

Artem Kostonyan
#1 deck-builder

Best deck-building co-op. No shuffling means it's fun to play solo as well. Lots of characters and bosses to mix and match.

Thomas Pickett
Fun but tough

This game can feel a little intense especially if you start to lose health quickly. I've only had the chance for 2 player games, so I'm not sure if it gets any easier with more players. It can be quite a puzzle trying to figure out how to build your deck and what to place in your market in order to have the best chance at winning. If you like deck building from a market and working cooperatively, you'll probably enjoy this game. I think I prefer playing against someone in general but this can be pretty fun.

Keaghen Roberts
Great Coop

One of the more essential co-op games

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