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The Broken Token - Hanabi Card Holders (Set of 5)

$16.00 CAD

$16.00 CAD

Product Description

This set of 5 Hanabi card holders will make playing the game much more enjoyable.  No longer will you get sore elbows and arms from holding the cards up or get yelled at by your friends who can't see your cards.

Made from 1/4" thick acrylic, these lightweight holders have a slit down the middle to hold your cards.  The slits are thin enough to keep the cards from falling out but thick enough to hold two cards deep or sleeved cards.  You can also easily hold the cards at an angle to help you remember which cards you have hints about.

The holders are 7" long which easily supports up to 5 cards and even more if you store them at an angle.

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