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Pax Porfiriana / Pax Pamir Gameboard (Unfolded size 600 X 300 mm)

$16.50 CAD

$16.50 CAD

  • A 2-sided folding mounting board to upgrade either your 1st edition Pax Porfiriana or 1st edition Pax Pamir game. Note: This gameboard is included in Pax Porfiriana Collector's edition, so you do NOT have to order it if you are getting that game!
  • The Pax Porfiriana side organises and identifies the Market, discards, bull-bears, and public cards. It also has a historical map of the region.
  • The Pax Pamir side contains a map of the Pamir region, and summaries of all the actions. It also has a region to store imperial units.

 The illustration shows half of both map sides.

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