Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu

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Dustin Stevens
Reign of Cthulha

I haven't played this game yet but the price was perfect. That game has been on my Rader for awhile

B.L. Zebub
A great, good looking game

I love the Cthulhu mythos themed games and this one leverages the Pandemic engine in a way that keeps it fresh, adding in great art work and well designed miniatures. The game is easy to teach and has enough moving parts to allow some real tension to develop while not overburdening the players with rules. The randomness brings home that Cthulhu sense of doom without being as cataclysmic to play as, say, Eldritch Horror. No being devoured here. You might go insane, but not devoured.

Highly recommended as an easy to learn game with good replay value.

Aleksandar Jovic
Lighter, crazier Pandemic in a high-quality production

When I want to play Pandemic, it's always between Iberia for a more "serious" puzzle, or Reign of Cthulhu when I want a shorter, wackier, and more fun experience.

Yes there's randomness, but that's part of the series. While bad luck can bog you down, good decisions and teamwork can usually save the day even as cultists, monsters, and old ones spawn into the map to ruin your night.

The production quality is incredible from the cards, artwork, minis for all characters and enemies, custom die, well written rule book... I am very happy I picked this version up. Lovecraft fans will also love this one... it drips with theme (example: the French Tarot cards which they printed the various "old ones" on). The production value in this series is generally high, but this title is especially beautiful.

"Fun" varies from person to person, but this game has never fizzled whenever I brought it out. And with its shorter playtime, you can get multiple plays in the same time you would with regular Pandemic -- but not at the expense of getting the core experience.

I would go as far as to say if I could only have one iteration of Pandemic, this one would be a strong contender... this one or Iberia -- (Fall of Rome is good, but different enough that I think the "Pandemic" label was more for marketing).

Nathan Kelly
Pandemic meets Lovecraft

Captures the atmosphere of Arkham Horror but in a more streamlined approach and successfully re-themes standard pandemic. Sure spreading diseases are scary but what about awakening Old Ones? A tad more complex than Pandemic but my favourite of the versions. The minis really add to the theme.

Diane Joy Schickerowsky
Tests your a good way

This system is the best way I can think of to give a real sense of impending chaos and doom as is appropriate to the world of H.P. Lovecraft. The amazingly terrifying monster minis really bring the terror to life, and there is enough variation between old ones and characters to keep it fresh. I know people who don't like the theme of regular pandemic that love this one. The added touch of changing the skills of your characters if they go insane is great too. If you like Lovecraft or games with a creepy vibe, this game is for you!

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