Cockroach Poker

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Martin B
Genius in a box

Such a simple yet amazingly entertaining game. If you play with players who go along of course!

Ian O'Neill
So you think you can bluff eh?

Get a group of people together (2-6), deal out the deck, play cards either telling the truth of what they are or bluffing about what they are trying to fool another player. Every card is a gamble and the last thing you want is four of a kind face up in front of you! Great game. I picked it as one of 5 games to restart your collection in the latest episode of For All The Meeples:

Lacey Whitt
Great Game!

I was looking for a small cheap travel game and saw this on some reviews of top ten games in small packages. This game is amazing, I've played with just kids and with just adults and everyone has a good time. Lots of laughs had and each time we've played we have had to play multiple times because everyone just had so much fun!

Adam P
Fun for all

When we get this out it doesn't seem to matter if it is kids, adults, or as mix of the two - everyone always has fun.

Riley Jay
Best bluffing game

Greatest small box game. Simple rules and easy to play. I have not played a game without laughing.

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