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[Fulfillment - Dr. Finn] Slush Fund 2

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$0.00 CAD

It is 21st century America--a place where money talks and politicians listen. In this game, you are a member of the uber-wealthy class and you use your fortune to bribe and influence law makers.

The game is a 2-player revision of Slush Fund. While it has similar mechanics and ideas, there are important rule changes that make it quite a different game. In the game, players use money cards to bribe 5 different politicians in an effort to score Victory Points for having the highest bribes on politicians at game end. The politicians start with a base value of VPs, but these may change during the game.

On a turn, a player draws 3 cards from the deck, chooses 2 of them to play, and places 1 in the Slush Fund (a face-up pile of presently unused cards). If there are at least 3 cards in the Slush Fund, the player may choose to take 3 cards from the Slush Fund instead of drawing from the deck. In this case, however, the player can use all 3 cards. In addition to money cards, there are special cards, such as the Investigator, Journalist, Larcenist, and Accountant. Each of these provides a unique special power.

The game contains 54 cards and is packaged in a tuck box for ease of portability.

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