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Dungeons & Dragons: Attack Wing – Red Dracolich Expansion Pack

$19.95 CAD

$23.95 CAD$19.95 CAD

Publisher WizKids Games
Players 2-99
Playtime 30 mins
Suggested Age 14 and up
Expands Dungeons & Dragons: Attack Wing – Starter Set

Wave 5 Expansion Pack

A red dragon may be one of the creatures most feared by the lesser folk in Faerun, but even the mightiest of the mighty fear what such a creature might become through the rituals of the Cult of the Dragon: a red dracolich! An undead dragon of this nature retains its fiery breath and is even more dangerous and difficult to slay than its living cousins.

In ages past, Maurghoros the dracolich was defeated by the good dragons, and his soul was hidden in the Primordial Graveyard. But today that ancient place has been awakened, and so has the spirit of Maurghoros, who swiftly discovers the means to return to his former glory! Will the good dragons fall to his limitless power, or will they find a way to annihilate his dark spirit forever?


1 Adventure Booklet

- Annihilation and Victory

1 Painted Plastic Dragon

- Maurghoros / Red Dracolich

1 Transparent Plastic Base with 3 Pegs

1 Creature Token

2 Maneuver Dials

3 Action Tokens

- 1 Dodge Token

- 1 Target Token

- 1 Concentrate Token

2 Altitude Tokens

- 1 Ground Token

- 1 Swoop Token

2 Effect Tokens

6 Duration Tokens

2 Disabled Upgrade Tokens

3 Armor Tokens

1 Exhaustion Token

1 Critical Hit Token

1 No Attack Token

1 Pivot Token

2 Creature Cards

- Maurghoros

- Red Dracolich

1 Maneuver Card

- Ground / Flight

5 Upgrade Cards

- Confusion

- Destroyer

- Fire Breath

- Paralyzing Touch

- Shatter

1 Reference Card

- Paralysis Token

2 Campaign Artifact Cards

- Talisman of Pure Good

- Talisman of Ultimate Evil

This is not a stand-alone game. A copy of Dungeons and Dragons: Attack Wing - Starter Set is required to play.

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