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Mat Bedor
So worth the money, 8 out of 10 on BGG

5+ plays @ 2 player count

We’ve got a soft spot for drafting games, mainly because neither of us is overly interested in hate drafting unless we’re being really ridicules with it and having a stupidly good time.

Having said that this game is a lot of fun, we both like the drafting mechanic, the art is pretty good, card quality is pretty good, the rule book is six simple pages, and the play time is nice and short. It’s like most straight-up drafting games you’ve already played but with a slight twist; The Quest cards.

Quest cards (25 in total) are selected at the beginning of the game, draw five cards, pick three to keep and discard the other two, no drafting. Of those cards each will have a set of requirements to “achieve” the quest, which just means you’re going to be buying cards of four different suits and playing them, each quest needs a certain number of cards from one or more of the four suits played, then the quest is finished and the card is played. All the quest cards we’ve gotten so far have been played within the four rounds of the game, many on the very last round. Quests give this super simple, and light game a nice little narrative which makes replaying it a lot more interesting.

As far as the negative points are concerned; this game has way to many cards, something like 130ish cards in the draft deck, but you’ll only be drafting seven cards per round at four rounds per game, which equals twenty-eight cards per player per game. If you get a quest card that calls for specific card, you have very little chance of actually getting that card simply because of the size of the deck. Other than that, it’s great.

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