The LOOP: The Revenge of Fauxzilla

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Devas Debonair
Nice little expansion.

The Revenge Of Fauxzilla expansion for The Loop offers two new game modes, two characters and a handful of Artefact and character cards to spice up your gameplay. What's here is fun and a great way to further both your coo-op and solo play of The Loop, and I would recommend if you're already a fan. This expansion isn't necessary, and doesn't change any of the core mechanics of the game, so it's not an automatic recommend in that sense, but then the base game was always pretty tight and fun. This expansion is great if you're just looking for more options, and at the modest price I would say is worth it if you're already a fan of the game. If you weren't a fan though, this won't really change your mind much, as what's offered here doesn't alter any of the core mechanics or 'fix' problems. But then the game didn't really have any, as far as I'm concerned. A solid recommend.

Peter Lo
More of what's so great about this game!

Adds two more agents to the fray! Makes the game that much more to engaging! One agent can be in two places at once, and the other let's you control the cube dispenser in the middle of the board!

Alan Mears
Makes a great game even better!

The Loop is a fantastic co-op (with a very clever solo mode) that is difficult to win and has tons of variety with numerous missions and agents you can play. Fauxzilla adds two awesome agents including the twins (Peak Twins) who are invaluable at lower player count (for example, playing two agents solo). The twins as one agent, who can be in two places at once, are invaluable as you try to cover enough ground (time-lines) to keep ahead of the impending doom in the shape of rift cubes and clones. Fauxzilla also adds more artifacts with their typical whimsical and catchy art style, but more importantly it adds two new play modes with the beast (Fauxzilla) - where you can battle and trap the beast or desperately steal the Kaiju balls (eggs) while being pursued by the (understandably) grumpy beast. The variety is now incredible (if it wasn't before) and if you like/love The Loop... this is a no-brainer!

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