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Natasha Geddert


Jeffrey Angus
Tune into fun with Wavelength!

In Wavelength players will group into two teams, and attempt to out-guess each other, in a race to ten points.

The game features a fun dial, and pointer, mechanism that sets it apart from most other games.

Here's how it works: a player from team "A" will secretly spin the dial, then choose a card that has two extremes, say " Hot", and "Cold", for example. The player then opens up a screen that covers the dial, and reveals to him/herself only, a scoring range of points that is 2-3-4-3-2. That range will have been randomly set in the viewing area, somewhere between the left, and right most extremes. The player shuts the screen, so the other players can't see where the scoring range is located, and then gives a clue. The other members of team "A" then debate where to move the pointer in an attempt to score up to 4 points. Once they've decided, team "B" has a chance to place a marker indicating whether they think the 4 is either to the left, or right, of where team "A" positioned the pointer. The screen is opened again, so everyone can see where the scoring range is located. Team "A" scores 2, 3, or 4 points if the marker is on those number's. Team "B" scores one point if they were correct in guessing if the 4 was to the right, or left, of the pointer.

This game is fun! The dial, and pointer, adds a tactile toy element. The clue giving, and debating over what the clue implies encourages fun banter, and much laughter. It's also nice that both teams are invested in the game even when it's not their turn. And the reveal of the scoring range is exciting!

Is it perfect? Well, no. Thinking of a clue can be really tough sometimes. Especially, if the scoring range is at, or near the middle. One real life example is "Underpaid", "Overpaid". The scoring range was just slightly on the side of "Overpaid". Try thinking, on the spot, of a profession that's slightly overpaid! Being that it's made of plastic, I'm also concerned the mechanism will not hold up for long... but we shall see. Lastly, like any party game it's very group dependent. If there's a good energy among players it'll be more fun. If not, then not so much.

Overall though the game really is fun. It's very accessible, with few rules. It's like a toy with its hands on mechanism. And it's just great giving, and guessing at clues. I highly recommend Wavelength!

Matt Anness
Great For All Ages

This game is perfect for social settings. It's simple to teach and really brings out discussions. It's also super quick allowing you easily decide how much Wavelength is enough!

Tanner Short
Becoming one of my faves for ANY player count

As great as this is with large groups, i've also been playing 2 player with my partner. That makes it a winner for me. Super flexible always fun.

Adrian Huisman
Neat concept

I like this game. Change think of anything that plays like this. Fun party game.

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