Fleet: The Dice Game (Second Edition)

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Troy Seltenrich
Thematic and full of choices.

There are many different paths towards victory points in this game. It plays very well solo. I also really appreciate how the actions you can take are tied into a cohesive experience.

If roll and writes don't normally hook you due to them often being a fairly abstract experience, Fleet: The Dice Game might be the one that is able to reel you aboard. If you're already a fan of abstracts (ie: the Clever series) this game will probably ratchet up your enjoyment factor to whole new levels.

Ray Zylstra
Fleet: The Dice Game

I am a big fan of Fleet. Couldn’t say no to Fleet: The Dice Game.
I wasn’t disappointed.

Sylvie Belanger
Great dice game

Fleet the dice game make me think to twice as clever. A lot of bonus action could be taken one after another, could become hard to follow sometimes.

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