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Clem Fandango
Very solid 2 player game

Nothing you probably haven't heard/read before about Santorini - the rules are pretty straightforward and easy to grasp. You can be up and playing in minutes. Games are relatively short and can involve some hidden depth to the strategies used. My wife, who isn't fond of strategy games isn't a huge fan but I find it to be a very good game and a great addition to the collection.

Michael Li
Some of the best components in board gaming

I can't speak positively enough on how satisfying it is to place these chunky plastic buildings over and over again over the course of playing of a game. The God powers are a great add-on and guarantee no two games will be alike.

Adrian Lou
Modern-day Chess with a twist

Great abstract game. Beautiful components. It's like chess but you can add different characters with special powers.

Ye Liu
My 7-year old love this game!

Last night my 7-year old kid learned this game in 5 minutes then we played 3 rounds and she wanted to play more (me too!) but it was too late so we had to stop. This game is so fun and challenging, we definitely enjoy playing this game!

Flavia Kajoba
Great strategy game

Love this game, but prefer to play without the special God powers because sometimes they can be overpowering and one player has a very clear advantage over the other player.

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