Deception: Murder in Hong Kong

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Mitchell Pedicelli
Good hidden role deduction game.

I really enjoy this game, it gives you the same thrills of werewolf but you actually have information and can try and deduce things. It is not a very easy game because the information is ambiguous but you get the same fun conversations that you see in mysterium. I will say that I would give this a 5 star rating if it had more optional roles. There is an expansion but the expansion really doesn't add much to it and I was quite disappointed.

Carrie Xie
deduction and party game

Initially played this at a friend's place as a large group of 10+. I found it extremely fun and another deduction game I'd add to my collection of party games.

Heeryon Byun
Great for a big group

Make sure you have at least 6 people in the group to properly play this game. It is a social deduction game with a twist, and with the right group, you are going to have a blast. I recommend getting promo cards to have more variety in roles.

Zain Abid
Game name says it all

Deduction game with interesting twist to it. It's very fun playing along with a group with a crazy imagination, lots of gruesome scenes and depictions of a crime in action makes the game enjoyable amongst friends. It's best played with 6 or more people, having an accomplice makes it a lot more fun.

Michael Liu
One of my Top 5

This game has seen a lot of game nights where there were more than 6 players. It's easy to teach and learn. For me, the components in this game are actually high quality. The cards themselves are pretty high quality playing cards quality. It is probably one of the best types of games out of the whole "Resistance" type games where you debate other players and try to lie and convince other players you're on their side if you end up being the "Murderer" or "Accomplice".

This game has seen many game nights and most likely will be in future game nights.

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