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Brains - Zaubertrank

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$19.95 CAD

This game is part of our the Import Game Collection

The fourth part of the Brains series preserves the charm of its predecessors, but uses a whole new formula. In 50 puzzles of increasing difficulty, Brains: Potion challenges players to find the only correct solution to a potion recipe. In order to brew increasingly difficult potions, players need to find out which ingredient tiles to use for each puzzle and how to place them to fulfill all conditions. These terms refer to the rows and columns of puzzles and require very specific ingredients or a specific total amount of ingredients or a mix of certain ingredients regardless of their quantity. Sounds easy? Rate again!

As he has already proven with the previous Brains games, a handful of tiles and simple rules are all that the award-winning author, dr. Reiner Knizia needed to create challenging puzzles. Magic potion retains the strengths of the series while introducing completely new mechanisms that combine with a popular theme.

  • 25 double-sided puzzle boards
  • 7 ingredient tiles
  • 2 instructions (DE / EN)
  • Solution

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