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Sven Steinbach
Epic experience in 90 Minutes!

Love that Antike II manages to capture the feel of an epic civilization game with a slim rule set and short play time. This alone is a terrific achievement by Mac Gerdts.

Antike II is wonderfully strategic with perfect information. It felt like players were able to take different strategic approaches, with none being more or less valid. Despite this, the game did not feel like a messy point salad. The race element really ties the game together and provides a razor sharp focus.
I‘m a big fan of the implementation of the achievements as there seems to be quite a bit of depth / decision space with regards to which ones you go for, and more importantly when.

Combat being ultra simple is a great decision as it would otherwise slow down the wonderfully quick pace of the game. The game was feistier than I had anticipated; three rounds in, the tension was rising already and then never really let up. I had expected things to be a bit more “euro”, but was pleasantly surprised to see that the knives come out early and often.

Overall, love it and can’t wait to play again.

Steven Chow
Very Good Rondel Euro Game

If you like Rondel Euro Games then get it. The cover looks boring but there's a lot of tension in the game. This is the one game that I was forced into playing because of the group and kept thinking that I would dislike this game but half-way into it, I Loved it and immediately bought it.

Robert Sera
Decent Game

Plods on a bit slowly and better with more players. It’s a Euro-Style war game which can be ok it’s just a little too simple for my tastes or I’d rate it higher.

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