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Broken Token - Rising Sun: Daimyo Collection Organizer

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$176.95 CAD


Product Description

The Daimyo Collection Organizer includes everything from the Core Box Organizer and an additional 8 trays to organize the Kickstarter Exclusive Daimyo box and add-ons and expansions. The 3 monster trays feature the same new acrylic spring clips and hold all the Kickstarter exclusive monsters and the 4 Monster Pack miniatures. A single tray holds all the Kami Unbound miniatures and the cards. 3 trays hold the Dynasty Invasion expansion, 2 clan trays and the 7 Lucky Gods tray. There is also one more clan tray for the Kickstarter exclusive Fox clan.

The Rising Sun Core Box organizer has 11 removable trays. The 7 miniatures trays feature our new acrylic spring clips that securely hold your miniatures, protecting painted minis! 5 are identical clan trays that hold everything you need for each clan. The miniature slots are labeled for daimyo, shinto, and bushi minis so there’s no guessing where each one goes. The clan tray bin holds all the each clans alliance token, stronghold tokens, clan markers and monster bases. The trays can fit the Kickstarter exclusive upgraded strongholds and alliance tokens. Except the upgraded Turtle clan strongholds which are stored with the Kami shrine tiles in a separate tray. The 2 monster trays feature the same acrylic spring clips to keep the minis in place. They are also labeled with the monster’s names and numbers on the bottom of their bases for quick and easy clean up. The adjustable season card tray gives you the option to sort your cards by season or symbol set. The battle tray holds the political mandate tiles, political/war tiles, war province and war number tokens, this tray also supports the Kickstarter upgraded political mandate tiles and war number plastic flags.


Outer organizer dimensions: 12.32" x 12.32" x 8.70"

Download ORG073 Rising Sun: Daiymo Collection Organizer Instructions (coming soon).

For more general tips on assembly, please read our Assembly Guide.

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