Clans of Caledonia

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Christopher Parr
One of my Top 5 strategy games!

I love this game. Every time I play, even if I use the same clan ability, it ends up a completely new game. So much planning and trying to snag the best and cheapest plots of land before your opponents do. Money is always tight, so you’ve got to manage it carefully. Compared to Terra Mystica, I definitely prefer this one. More thinking involved.

Graham Gray
Fantastic farming game.

Sorta like Terra Mystica but makes more sense thematically. You feel like you're creating a farming empire rather than just a single farm as with most games. The market mechanic is great too with the values going up or down depending scarcity.

Francois Belanger
Got to plan ahead!

Great ressource management, not to hard to learn but you need to be able to plan ahead.

Thomas Chung
Excellent thinky game

Excellent game. The theme is felt through the game. The comparison to Terra Mystica is inevitable. Owning both, i'd say there is a bit more to think of in this game. Many ways to score points. Not only you have the current round goal to aim at, but also need to concider which import goods on contracts to go for since their scoring can vary so much during the game and the market and transformed goods are nice mechanics. The board is variable adding replayability. Small things that i didn't like : some iconographies are not really intuitive and the manual had me go on the web site for some details (ability of a clan). It felt as if that small part wasn't finished. Also, the wording in the rules weren't clear and had to look online for further details. Besides those small things, what a great game it is!

Tony Han
Great fun!

Clans of Caledonia is a great game of resource management and expansion. Despite what people say, it's not sooo similar to Terra Mystica since contracts and the market are both quite distinct.

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