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Dan Feeny
Worthy of the name - Cosmic Encounter

In full disclosure, I'm a massive fan of the original Cosmic Encounter game. So I was pretty nervous about them attempting to create a 2 player version with the same name as the legendary board game.

But I'm happy to say that it's worthy of the name. The game is fun, nearly as wacky as the original, and all the game that I've had the opportunity to play have been enjoyable. Ships are far less critical in this game as resource events allow ships to be retrieved from the warp fairly often. But ships committed to winning a planet are much harder to retrieve. Ship scarcity over the length of the game is a real issue and if you commit too many ships to planet battles too early, you can find yourself weak at the end. A lesson I had to learn through the first few games.

Criticism... the tactics stand-up pieces are forced and annoying. The mechanic is fine... the physical pieces they chose to represent the tactics are just not a great physical game piece. I'm pretty sure they could have used something else, even more cards, to represent the same game mechanic but perhaps they were looking for a bit more variety given how many different card mechanics are already in the game. Either way, it barely detracts from the game. It wouldn't surprise me if future reprints of the game choose a different way of representing tactics.

Overall, I'm really enjoying this game and it's accessible to friends and non-gamer family members alike.

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