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Born to Serve

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$42.95 CAD

Designer Nick Sauer
Diane Sauer
Publisher Shoot Again Games
Players 2-5
Playtime 60 mins
Suggested Age 12 and up

You are a superhero, virtuous, respected and dare we say loved by millions! Well, ok maybe not millions, but by more than a few people in the little town you and your super group have been tasked with protecting. Unfortunately, the government has cut your group's funding and that means you all are going to need jobs to support your superhero lifestyle. Sadly, there is but one job to be had in town at the local restaurant. The restaurant owner has decided to let you all tryout for the job and whoever has the most tips by the end of the day gets it.

Born to Serve is a board game brawl between two to four jobless superheroes for the last job in the local restaurant....waiting tables. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

In Born to Serve, players are recently unemployed second tier super heroes in competition for a single wait staff job at a restaurant. Players serve tables by placing their time markers on them and ultimately the player who spends the most time on a table wins the table's tip. Players can also spend their time markers on the restaurant staff who allow them to use additional abilities to gain additional money or shift the odds in their favor on a table. Of course, being super heroes, each player also has two (nominally useful) powers that allows them to bend certain strategies in their favor. The player who earns the most money in tips wins the job and the game.

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